The Lithium Iron Phosphate Cell with High Safety And Long Life Span

10 year life span
3000+ Cycles to 80%

  • HP 300A

    • 300W power output
    • Fullfil basic power needs
  • HP 1000A

    • Support 1000W high power stable output
    • Super compact and lightweight
  • HP 1200B

    • Support 1200W high power stable output and
    • 1075 Wh battery capacity
    • Support 4 ways of recharging (Wall/Vehicle/Solar/AC+PV)
  • HP 2400B

    • Support 2400W high power stable output
    • 1843Wh battery capacity
    • Support 4 ways of recharging (Wall/Vehicle/Solar/AC+PV)

Intelligent BMS

  • Battery Management System with full Protection to ensure safe to use product (indoors/outdoors)
  • Surface protection: input under voltage, output over voltage, overload, short circuit, over temperature

Ultra-low Standby Power Consumption & Intelligent detection control algorithm

Very low power leak during idle period, ensures long battery storage.

Multiple AC/DC Outputs to Fulfill All Your Power Requirements.

Support UPS mode, backup your critical load

  • Uninterrupt power supply
  • UPS Switchover time <= 10ms